Bluestar PLM is Engineer-To-Order at its core

Embedded inside Dynamics 365/AX, Bluestar PLM allows Engineer-To-Order (ETO) manufacturers to manage their entire business within one single cloud-based solution.  

By streamlining and automating end-to-end business processes, Bluestar PLM allows you to react to the changing circumstances of one-off projects, by improving collaboration across your organization during product design, fabrication, and delivery. As a result, the risk of making errors leading to costly production mistakes is mitigated, time-to-market is decreased so more orders can be successfully fulfilled. 

How Bluestar PLM benefits ETO manufacturers

The ability to effectively coordinate and execute a constant flow of engineering changes across engineering and operations is key to success in engineer-to-order manufacturing. The supply chain must be efficient and capable.  


Engineering and operations must be able to work in parallel and in close collaboration at the same time, to avoid bottlenecks, costly errors and delays.  This is what enables the company to meet changes in customer demand, stay on schedule and adhere to budgets.   


Bluestar PLM is built from the ground-up as a solution specifically for ETO manufacturers. It offers several key benefits that are essential for any company to excel in the ETO business. 

Customer Benefits

Full CAD integration

Avoid re-entering data by automatically transferring information from CAD systems through Bluestar PLM to D365 ERP. Cuts non-value adding work for CAD engineers by enhancing reusability and automating title block-population, and drawing PDF creation for improved data and drawing integrity.

Early release long-lead items

Early release long-lead items that may otherwise take months to acquire. Gives you a steady flow of raw materials so you will not face an avalanche of items to buy, by the time engineering have approved them. Saves you costly delays that are otherwise devastating to any project.

Automate data gathering for suppliers and customers

Export engineering data to your suppliers in a controlled manner, with all related product documentation automatically collected within Bluestar PLM. Saves you time on manual work and minimize the risk of human error.

Reuse data for fewer errors and faster product development

Easily find historical data to significantly lower time spent on designing new products and components; increase overall data quality, and avoid data duplication.

Enhance responsiveness to changes in customer demand

Have complete visibility of the impact of all engineering changes, both in terms of where-used dependencies but also impact on the design, production, purchasing, and inventories. This facilitates better business decisions and ensures that drawings and related documentation always reflect the latest changes.

Get your product data and documentation under control

Eliminate redundant data entry by automating the exchange of information and files between CAD, Microsoft Office, PLM, and ERP systems. Improves collaboration across departments and locations  

Key Features

CAD integration

Bluestar PLM’s full integration with the market leading mechanical and electrical CAD systems such as SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge, Creo, Catia, AutoCAD, Altium, Orcad and many more allows a tighter collaboration between multi-domain design teams. ItAllows CAD users to access and use valuable PLM and ERP data, and utilize CAD drawings on both the PLM and ERP side as auto generated PDFs.

Reuse items and structures

ETO products often reuse existing product structures with modifications based on customer specific requirements. Reusing items eliminate the need to start a product design process from scratch, requiring time-consuming approvals of new items. Learn more about item reusability with the Bluestar Designer CAD-add-in here.

Project and documentation management

Centralize and collect product resources and dependencies like data sheets, documentsand video, containing essential parameters and manufacturing information, essential to the communication between engineering, manufacturing and sales. 

Engineering Change Management

Achieve complete transparency in the cost and logistic feasibility of engineering changes and ensure that engineering documentation is always up-to-dateFor more details learn about Bluestar ECM here.

Engineering Data Export

Export entire projects and files in an easy and controlled manner, providing suppliers with all the information they need to manufacture products and fulfill orders.

Growing BOMs

Bluestar PLM supports growing and dynamic BOMs that can be partially released early, even though the final design of the product is not yet determined and approved, to release and communicate long-lead items as soon as possible to purchasing.