Why Bluestar PLM pays off

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The ERP-based PLM solution
What will you see?

The webinar provides a valuable introduction to our product: Bluestar PLM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or Microsoft Dynamics AX. You’ll be able to see for yourself how our ERP-based PLM product is suitable for your company and your daily operations/procedures. In this webinar, we want to demonstrate:

How Bluestar PLM’s full integration with CAD, PLM, and ERP environments provides the single-platform solution needed to unite engineering and manufacturing.

How Bluestar PLM’s ability to seamlessly manage dataflow across CAD, PLM and ERP systems eliminates redundant data entry, saving time and money as well as preventing human errors.

How Bluestar PLM provides a single source of reliable product information for engineering and manufacturing departments, ensuring that reliable product data is available at the point-of-use for all departments and locations. (no more islands of information). By eliminating information silos, our product also ensures data transparency across departments and locations for greater accuracy and predictability. As a result, time spent correcting errors and miscommunications can be utilized elsewhere, since a single source of information helps to virtually eliminate these issues.

How Bluestar PLM drives workflow automation that is undisrupted by the usual system boundaries between PLM and ERP; This allows engineering and manufacturing to work parallel to one another, rather than in sequence, leading to shorter lead times and more efficient business processes.

We have implemented Bluestar PLM for: