Bluestar PLM + ADEACA PBA for ETO Manufacturing

By combining the power of the Bluestar PLM and ADEACA PBA solutions, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX, you connect engineering, manufacturing and projects into a single platform, providing you with seamless collaboration, lower risk and better outcomes for your ETO manufacturing business.  


Today's Challenge in ETO Manufacturing

As a project intensive industry, ETO manufacturers suffer from massive inefficiencies arising from siloed operations, systems and data.  

When Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Project Management (PM) systems are allowed to live their separate lives data and processes cannot flow freely through engineering, purchasing and manufacturing. This results in disconnected processes, poor visibility, errors, inflated costs and stagnant productivity.  

Bluestar PLM + ADEACA PBA – Connecting Engineering, Manufacturing and Projects

Merging ERPProduct lifecycle – and project management into a single collaborative solution, enables ETO manufacturers to collaborate around a single set of product data across departments, locations, suppliers and customers. Streamlining and automating end-to-end processes improves the organizations ability to react to changing circumstances and minimizes costly mistakes during design, fabrication and delivery. 

You will be able to handle Growing bill of materials (BOMs), engineering revisions and client changes by effectively approving, coordinating and executing a constant flow of engineering changes, while aligning engineering with downstream operations 

Bluestar PLM + ADEACA PBA allows you to accurately evaluate profitability, accounting for not only the raw material and process consumption on the shop floor, but also design and engineering efforts. Direct purchases and delivery/installation activities are significant budget positions that must be managed and monitored tightly.  

With Bluestar PLM + ADEACA PBA combined, ETO manufacturers can react in real-time and manage the complete costumer engagement, enabling you to meet changes in customer demand, stay on schedule and adhere to budgets. 


Bluestar PLM + ADEACA PBA Delivers the Core Components of Your Project-Driven Company

Alignment throughout the entire customer engagement

With a single fully integrated solution you will be able to run your ETO business in a single solution. Whether you need to release BOMs or revisions, or manage and access data and documentation from CAD, Office, ERP or PLM. All data this data is made available to all departments and locations at the point of use – one source of product truth for the entire company.  

For an ETO manufacturer however, the project represents the entire engagement by tying together design, fabrication, procurement, installation and subcontracted activities into a consolidated master timeline and budget.  

Quickly react to disruptions

In ETO manufacturing deviations and changes to sub-components are unavoidable, due to the fluid nature of ETO-project. However, Bluestar PLM + ADEACA vastly improves your ability to detect and react to disruptions, by tying together tying together core components in project management – financials, operations, analytics and owner collaboration with PLM.  

In turn, every step of the way during your ETO projects, you will be provided with insights on cost management like cash-flow projections and work estimates based on real-time information from engineering and operations such as engineering changes, purchase orders and product pricing. 

Real Time Data and Analytics

Fully integrated operational project management inside your ERP, will make sure your project plan is fully aligned with financials. Managers will be able to adapt to consistent deviations and make better decisions on staffing, scheduling and estimating deadlines, when they are constantly fed with reliable data on current capacities and progress of the project in both engineering and operations. 

With Bluestar PLM + ADEACA PBA you are provided with a seamless flow of real-time data across the entire enterprise, and analytics on project performance that supersede the need for any standalone BI tool. Leaders of project-driven companies are brought real-time insights, which they depend on to make informed decisions. 

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