Integrated Sales and Engineering Configuration

Often Sales, Engineering and Operations work in detached IT systems: product – and sales configurations, CAD applications, PLM and ERP systems. This disconnect results in an order fulfillment process characterized by bottlenecks, duplicate data entry and manual exchange of information across Sales, Engineering and Operations. 

The result is prolonged order processing, which increases costs per order and limits the number of orders the organization is capable of processing within a given time frame, with a fixed amount of resources available. 

Product configuration integrated with CAD and ERP

Bluestar PLM provides the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations & AX (365/AX) based product configuration platform that lets you manage the entire configuration process from quotation through Engineering and Production in a single system.

As a result, you can:

  • eliminate redundant configuration efforts,
  • achieve fast quotations,
  • automatically generate related CAD documentation.

Customer Benefits

Streamlined Order fulfillment

An integrated and streamlined order fulfillment process reduces costs per order and increases the number of orders the company is able to process with an unchanged headcount.

Embed product knowledge in the configurator instead of relying on key employees

With design and product knowledge embedded in a master configurator, you do not need to rely on key employees who otherwise possess this special knowledge. This relieves the problem of bottleneck employees and enables everyone else to leverage the accumulated product knowledge of the organization. 

A more intuitive approach to product configuration

With 3D feedback to your configuration selections, you experience a far more intuitive approach to product configurations that is easy to use and understand across Engineering, Operations and Sales.

Automate product design to reduce engineering costs

A fast generation of sales documentation (3D models, sales and production drawings, dfx, STEP files and more) and less required involvement by Engineering in the quote process, leads to enhanced responsiveness to customer requests and freed up engineering resources.

Improve ETO manufacturing

ETO manufacturers will be to automate the product configuration and design process to the maximum extent possible while retaining full PLM control of all manual additions made to the baseline configuration.

Simplifies your IT platform

Embedded in a single solution for the entire ERP/PLM environment, you will simplify your IT platform without the need for customized solutions. This reduces total license and maintenance costs, with significantly lower TCO.

Key Features

3D Visualization 

Visualize your configured products in 3D, during the whole configuration process from start till finish.


Third-Party Configurator Integration 

Possible to integrate with non-365/AX native configurators.


Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations & AX Configurator Integration 

Leverage the native 365/AX configurator (or the 365/AX Product Builder) to generate fast and accurate quotations. 

Configure Complex Engineered-To-Order Products 

Full integration with CAD and PLM platforms enables the controlled, manual processing of complex partially configured products. 


CAD Automation 

Auto-generate your 3D CAD models and 2D drawings based on the configurations created in the 365F&O/AX configurator (or 365/AX Product Builder) and more complex engineering configuration rules.