PDM / ERP Link

Today's Challenge

When CAD and ERP users work independently in detached systems – Errors will occur – because of unsynchronized data between Engineering and Operations. Due to human error, it is likely that inaccurate and redundant data will be used within the system, leading to costly errors, collaboration complications, valuable time spend double-checking data and fixing-errors. Even if data inconsistencies between CAD and ERP are discovered in time, users will still need to allocate some of their valuable time to double-checking data and fixing such errors.

What makes PLM/ERP LINK Unique?

– One solution for everyone (D365) Engineering & Operations

– Easy access to data for Engineering and Operations

– Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations & AX based platform

– Embedded in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD native interface

– Seamless and bidirectional transfer of PLM & ERP data

This bi-directional exchange of information rids the organization of redundant data entry and fragmented data, while simultaneously strengthening data integrity. Integrating the design department with the rest of the organization improves collaboration, increases productivity, and accelerates the design to manufacturing process.

Key Customer Benefits

Easy access to ERP data

CAD users gets directly access to the ERP data from the PLM system. CAD-users has access to related information on the item. Allowing everybody to work in the same system.


Eliminate redundant data entry

SOLIDWORKS PDM/ERP LINK unifies the data across PLM, CAD & ERP systems. Then manual data entry is ceased and redundant data between PLM, CAD and ERP is thereby eliminated.


Reduce errors & save time

Changes to product data are updated automatically by SOLIDWORKS PDM/ERP LINK. By eliminates the need for manual data handling, errors are significantly reduced.


Optimize engineering productivity

By minimizing the time spent on clerical tasks, such as manually transfer product data to other teams, the engineering team can spend time where it is most valuable: executing projects and perfecting designs.


Quick and easy installation

SOLIDWORKS PDM/ERP LINK is ready with a quick and easy installation. Short and to-the point training sessions.

Key Customer Features

Auto-exchange of Items, Properties, & BOMs

SOLIDWORKS PDM/ERP LINK’s unique functionality allows for the automatic exchange data of Items, Properties, and BOMs, between CAD and ERP.


Auto-creation of new ERP Items

SOLIDWORKS PDM/ERP LINK automatically creates a new ERP Item when CAD data is transferred to the ERP system.


ERP based item numbering

SOLIDWORKS PDM/ERP LINK follows the item numbering from the ERP system by default.


PDF Conversion of CAD Drawings

Generates automatic PDFs by check in, ensuring that drawings are available in the ERP system.


Export PDF Drawings to ERP

PDFs exports automatically together with the Item and BOMs when PLM to ERP data transfer takes place. The PDFs are linked to the Item in ERP.


Automatic titleblock population & maintenance

SOLIDWORKS PDM/ERP LINK updates properties related to new data, which controls the titleblock fields.

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