10 Reasons Why You need ERP-based PLM

Learn how PLM embedded in ERP can help your manufacturing company enter industry 4.0 by fully leveraging product data.

Whitepaper: 10 Reasons Why You need ERP-based PLM

Learn how PLM embedded in ERP, can help your manufacturing company enter industry 4.0, by fully leveraging product data.


Bluestar PLM - Modules

Bluestar BPM

Design, manage and automate your end-to-end business processes in Dynamics 365 & AX.

Bluestar Product Compliance

Follow compliance obligations by managing all your chemical data in a single solution - Dynamics 365&AX

Bluestar PLM

A Single Database Makes a World of Difference

MS Dyn 365/AX Integration

Boost Collaboration in Engineering and Manufacturing

CAD Integration

Time Efficient Bi-directional CAD and 365/AX Data Exchange

Engineering Change Management

365/AX-embedded ECM Functionality and Revision Control

Bluestar CFG - Product Configuration

365/AX-based CFG for Sales, Engineering and Production

Product Classifications & Attributes

Spend less time searching and more time doing

Multi-Site Engineering Collaboration

With multi-Site File Replication Solution

Multi-Site 365/AX Data Synchronization

Boost Productivity & Collaboration with Fewer Errors

Bluestar PLM - Single products

CAD/ERP Link - SolidWorks

Bidirectional link between SolidWorks 3D CAD & ERP

CAD/ERP Link - Inventor

Bidirectional link between Inventor 3D CAD & ERP

CAD/ERP Link - Solid Edge

Bidirectional link between Solid Edge 3D CAD & ERP

PLM/ERP Link - SolidWorks​ PDM

Bidirectional link between SolidWorks PDM & ERP

Companies that have implemented Bluestar PLM

Learn how they have seen improvements in their business in the case studies

Hannibal Industries Inc.

“With Bluestar, it takes about 90 seconds to both configure the part and create the CAD drawing. ”

J. Hvidtved Larsen

"Bluestar PLM is an important part of our growth and error reduction."

Hydratech Industries

Bluestar PLM makes manufacturing systems communicate

Rayloc (NAPA)

"Errors resulting from our bill of materials have reduced from 60% to below 10%...”

Mobile Technologies

Bluestar PLM Reduces Time Spent on ECO Processes by 80%


PLM inside Dynamics AX

SH Group

From Idea to Production

Norican Group

ETO Company Greatly Improves Operational Efficiency

Amplifier Research​

Bluestar PLM Boosts Efficiency and Data Reliability