CAD Integration for Dynamics 365/AX - A Module of BLUESTAR PLM

Bluestar PLM integrates with a broad selection of CAD systems to keep engineering and manufacturing teams on the same page. Data and files are seamlessly passed back and forth between CAD and ERP environments to eliminate redundant data entry and prevent out-of-date information from being used.


Key Customer Benefits

CAD Menu Integration

Access PLM functionality directly in the CAD interface.

ERP Queries 

Access Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations & AX (365/AX) information related to CAD parts on-demand, including prices, on-hand quantities, etc.

Items, BOMs and Raw Materials

Automates the exchange of items, BOMs, raw materials and associated properties between CAD and ERP.


Aligns ERP item revisions with CAD file revisions to ensure a reliable 1:1 relationship between manufacturing data and engineering documentation.

Product Variants

Supports the exchange of managed product variants/configurations. 

Title Block Integration

Auto-maintains drawing title blocks with centralized meta-data.

Drawing Conversion & Stamping

Converts drawings to PDF and stamps these with centralized metadata to ensure drawing integrity.

Lightweight 3D Models

Generates lightweight 3D models viewable to all authorized Dynamics 365/AX users. 

Auxiliary Files

Manage and exchange associated file formats including STEP, DXF, DWF, eDrawings and more.

Multi-CAD Collaboration

Collaborate on development projects across multiple CAD platforms.

Supported CAD

Currently supported CAD systems include AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Catia, Solid Edge, Creo (Pro/E, ME10, CoCreate), Draftsight.

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