Bi-directional CAD integration

BLUESTAR PLM enables CAD users to seamlessly share design data and documents with downstream Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition & Dynamics AX (365/AX) users who depend on it for purchasing, manufacturing and related activities. In return, CAD users are granted access to valuable transaction data from Dynamics such as prices, on-hand quantities and lead times so that price awareness and other logistics considerations are easily incorporated into product designs.

This bi-directional exchange of information rids the organization of redundant data entry and fragmented data, raises data integrity and in general integrates the design department with the rest of the organization for improved collaboration and increased productivity.

Key Benefits

Improved collaboration between engineering & manufacturing teams

Eliminates redundant data entry

Improved data & drawing integrity

Data transparency

Prevents duplicate data and drawings ​

Increased engineering productivity

With Bluestar PLM the time you spend re-keying data, converting and publishing drawings to non-CAD users is saved. You can trust and track revision-specific data and documents and incorporate knowledge about logistics into your product designs.

Supported CAD systems include

Features include