Bluestar BPM - Streamlining best-practice business processes

As a Manufacturer, If you lack formal procedures for your core business processes, you are not working effectively and performance is inconsistent.

Although most companies do have formal procedures for their core processes, they often struggle to enforce them and therefore experience some of the same issues as companies without formalized procedures.

Without a complete overview of ongoing businesses and projects and the progress being made in these, managing such processes puts a heavy burden on management and requires a lot of manual communication between the parties involved.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Bluestar BPM enables users to streamline and standardize their corporate business processes by defining best practices for the different activities within your company. 

Model, deploy, and monitor graphical workflows inside Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX for increased efficiency and conformity in the business processes.

Customer Benefits

Increased Operational efficiency

Automated best practice workflows shorten cycle times and information routings.

Enforce procedural compliance

Best practice workflows are reused as templates in repetitive business processes ensuring compliance with official procedures

Monitor workflows in real time

Color-coding indicates the current status of workflows and workflow tasks providing an instant overview of the progress made.

Corporate-wide collaboration

Workflows are deployed in enterprise-wide context enabling the entire organization to collaborate more efficiently across departments and locations.

Documented activities

Automatically register all workflow activities for a full audit trail.

No coding required

Workflows are quickly designed using intuitive drag & drop functionality making it an easy-to-use tool for non-technical members of staff.

Full visual overview

Customizable reports provide an overview of performance held against deadlines and other parameters.

Key Features

Graphical workflow monitoring and automation 

Graphical workflows provide an overview of the procedures they document and color-coded tasks provide a real-time overview of the progress made. Generate customizable reports and charts based on workflow statistics and parameters. 


Audit trail 

An activity log provides a complete audit trail containing all implemented workflow events. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365F&O/AX integration 

Workflow Automation is fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365F&O/AX and therefore works like – and with – other Microsoft technologies. Workflow Automation offers a familiar user interface and is easy to maintain, develop and upgrade Dynamics 365F&O/AX integration. 

Audit trail 

An activity log provides a complete audit trail containing all implemented workflow events. 


Drag and drop workflow design 

Workflows are created quickly and intuitively by simply dragging workflow tasks, gates and links onto a graphical workflow grid. Absolutely no coding is required, making it a user-friendly tool for non-technical staff members. 


AX Alerts integration 

AX pop-up Alerts notify users when they receive new workflow tasks in their task inbox Workflows are triggered by Dynamics AX Alerts. So, for every Alert triggered, a corresponding workflow can be automatically instigated in order to ensure conformance with the company’s best practice procedures.