Why Bluestar PLM?

BLUESTAR PLM is the Product Lifecycle Management solution that is seamlessly embedded in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations & AX (365/AX) ERP system. ERP-embedded PLM is associated with a set of unique benefits.

This video explains how BLUESTAR PLM®, as the Missing Link between engineering and operations, solves three core problems that companies face today.


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Key Customer Benefits

The "Missing Link" Between Engineering and Manufacturing

Since BLUESTAR PLM is embedded in Dynamics 365/AX, it connects users from sales, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and service in a single 365/AX-based solution.

Reliable Product Data Across the Enterprise 

Manage and access data and documentation from CAD, Office, PLM and ERP in a single 365/AX-based solution. All data is revision controlled and made available to all departments and locations at the point of use - one source of product truth for the entire company. 

Out-Of-The-Box CAD-ERP Integration

Manages 2D/3D CAD files with a two-way exchange of meta-data between CAD and ERP. This ensures that CAD and ERP data are always kept in sync in a single solution.

Fewer Errors

With everyone working with a single set of data in a single solution, errors caused by data inconsistencies between CAD, PLM and ERP systems are eliminated.

Worldwide Collaboration

Enables distributed engineering and manufacturing teams to collaborate globally with quick access to centralized product data and distributed, up-to-date 3D files.

"All-Inclusive" Product Change Management

Since BLUESTAR PLM is embedded in Dynamics 365/AX ERP and integrates with CAD, you can manage all engineering and manufacturing change dependencies in a single solution. This includes affected designs as well as impacted work-in-progress such as production order, inventories, purchase orders, etc.

Start-To-Finish Business Process Automation

Because users from sales, engineering, purchasing and manufacturing are brought together on a common AX-based system, workflow automation can be applied across engineering and operations. This means that business processes can be mapped and executed from start to finish.

Lower TCO

BLUESTAR PLM is maintained as an integral part of Dynamics 365/AX. This provides a simple IT infrastructure with no redundant maintenance of stand-alone PLM systems required.

Key Features

Product Data Centralization

Consolidates data and documents from CAD, Office, PLM and ERP environments in a single, corporate-wide data repository.

Dynamics 365/AX Integration

Developed on and for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations & AX ERP platform for optimum integration between engineering and manufacturing, and lower TCO.

CAD Integration

Automates the exchange of data and files between Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations & AX and a range of supported CAD systems.

Product Structure Management

Visually manage multi-level bills of materials, associated drawings and documentation in a single indented product structure view. Easily create new product structures using powerful drag & drop design.

Microsoft Office Integration

Enables the check-in and check-out of Office documents for greater control of your product related documentation.

Revision Control

Tracks revisions of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations & AX items and their related drawings, 3D models, routes and technical documentation for optimum traceability.

Engineering Change Management

Manages the change management process from initial request through impact analysis and implementation in the production system.

Workflow Automation

Drives business processes from start to finish across departments and locations using an intuitive graphical workflow engine.

Product Classification

Hierarchical product classifications and classification-specific attributes enable consistently exact part descriptions to ensure optimal data reuse.

Multi-Site Engineering Collaboration

Enables collaboration between geographically dispersed engineering teams through intelligent file replication.

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