Bluestar represents module-based PLM solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365F&O / AX  Depending on your Engineering and Manufacturing needs, Bluestar provides different kinds of level of intergration with CAD, PLM and ERP.

How to start integrating your engineering data inside Dynamics 365 / AX?

Connect your existing CAD and PDM data with Dynamics 365/AX and scale up with Bluestar PLM after.

Start integrating your product data into D365/AX with Bluestar’s CAD-ERP connectors, which allow you to transfer all your Engineering data directly into the ERP. This connection provides a seamless flow of data that automatically synchronizes information between CAD and ERP.  

To achieve complete integration between Engineering and Manufacturing, full traceability of the product-related processes is required, which makes Bluestar PLM inside Dynamics 365/AX the next step for your growing manufacturing. Bluestar’s ERP-based PLM is tailored to your business needs. This is achieved with a portfolio of modules that can be combined into a single PLM solution. 


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Explore the capabilities of full ERP-based PLM solution.

Full ERP-based scalable PLM solution for a complete integration between Engineering and Manufacturing 

Our PLM is a single and complete solution that connects the entire enterprise and end-to-end business processes, from early product development all the way to product fabrication and service.   

Bluestar PLM is embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation and AX. It provides a seamless exchange of information between CAD, PLM, and ERP. With Bluestar PLM, the entire enterprise becomes more collaborative, efficient, and faster by bridging the gap between Engineering and Manufacturing.

Bluestar PLM Modules

On top of the Bluestar PLM, you can add a wide range of modules, that ads to the basic PLM experience, for even more functionality and transparency connected to your product-related processes.