Bluestar Designer - Seamlessly create and reuse product designs in CAD

Any Manufacturer wants to be able to streamline their production by reusing existing parts for new products and items. While existing parts are already tested and approved, this saves valuable time on developing new parts. Today, many design teams search for these parts manually – a trivial, inefficient but necessary task.  

New products are often highly customized, based on unique client requirements. However, they still share some of the structure and items, with already existing products in your product database.

Such historical data needs to be immediately available whenever you need it, so you can save time and costs by reusing previous designs and prevent previous mistakes in the event of similar future jobs. Having a common product structure to rely on makes ETO projects less uncertain, and it gives the vendor a far more systematic way of approaching the project and the process.  


Reuse existing items to create new products efficiently

Design your new products efficiently by retrieving items and parts already in your system. These already existing items are easy to find and request, as they are all stored in a single data repository in Microsoft Dynamics 365F&O/AX. 


Bluestar Designer provides a unique visual overview of requested items that can be instantly inserted into your new designs in CAD-solutions on demand. Searching on parameters such as product classes and geometric similarities allows you to reuse and find the exact item you are looking for. 

Customer Benefits

Improve the reuse of product data with an advanced and efficient search tool

The engineering team gets a greater experience in the design process by reusing data. Your engineers will be able to spend more time on developing new and creative products in CAD, and less time searching for existing data.

Minimize trivial engineering tasks

Reduces repetitive engineering work and streamline engineering processes, while engineers can spend less time performing monotonous but necessary design tasks in CAD.

Utilize knowledge already in your database

Optimize product data management in your organization by easily reusing and passing on the knowledge to your entire organization and future generations of employees.

Reduce errors

By reusing parts and items already approved by the engineering team, allows you to avoid the critical and time-consuming approval phase that new developed parts and items must go through. This reduces errors and saves you time and money.

Key Features

BOM builder

Intuitively build a top-to-bottom level BOM structure from scratch or continue working on the design of existing BOMs. the newly created BOM can be inserted into CAD or checked into Bluestar PLM with one click.  


Search by related parts

Get a visual overview of all the related parts to certain selected part(s) in CAD model.


Search by geometric similarity

Get a qualified selection of items to choose from based on the geometric relatabilities between items. Broaden/Increase the search from more to less similar items. 


Search by classification

Narrows down the search for an item, by filtering a search by predefined product classes. 

Search by attributes 

Extend and filter your search furthermore by selecting the dimension of various attributes.


Automatic mating by geometric position 

Once you find the parts you need, they are easily placed with automatic mating, as the system identifies the correct position of an item by analyzing existing geometric data. 


Replace items 

The Replace item feature replaces various parts of a product with a similar existing part from your product database, based on the geometric position of the origin.