Bluestar Reuse - Retrieve data with Machine Intelligence

– Search by related part, geometric similar item, classifications & attributes

Design your new products efficiently by retrieving parts already in your system. The most effective way is to search for related parts for specified parts of the item/product. The Bluestar Reuse (panel) provides a unique visual overview of selection which makes it easy to find and select the requested part.

Bluestar Reuse consists of:

  • Search by related parts
  • Search by geometric similar items
  • Search by classification
  • Search by attributes
  • Automatic mating by geometric position

Search by related parts: The user is looking for related items to two specific parts. After selecting the parts by its surfaces and clicking ‘related items’ the user is provided with an overview of 3D models with information.

Key Customer Features

Search by related parts

Get a visual overview of all the related parts to certain selected part(s)

Search by geometric similar items

Get a qualified selection of items to choose from based on the geometric data. Broaden/Increase the search to less similar items.

Search by classification

Narrows down the search providing you with qualified selection of items to choose from.

Search by attributes

Filter your search by attributes

Automatic mating by geometric position

The system identifies the correct position of the item due to the analysis of existing data.

Key Customer Benefits

Improve reuse of data by efficient search tasks by engineering teams

The engineering team gets a greater experience in the design process by reusing of data.

Minimize trivial engineering tasks

Reuse of existing data reduces repetitive engineering work streamline enginering processes.

Utilizes knowledge already in the system

Harvest the fruit of the knowledge/data.

Reduce errors

The reuse of parts and items already approved be engineering team avoids the critical phase that new developed parts and items must go through. This eliminates errors – Save time and money.

Share Knowledge

Optimize knowledge in the company and pass on the knowledge.

More information

In addition to your search for new parts you can filter the search by classification and furthermore extend your search by selecting the dimension of various attributes.

Another way to filter your search is by using the intelligent tool that searches by geometric similar parts. These search methods provide you with a qualified visual selection of items to choose from for your new product. The user-friendly feature Replace inside Bluestar Designer replaces various parts of a product into a similar part from the system based on the geometric position of the origin. In other words you can replace a part by anything because the Replace feature is general. To extend the search you can get access to less similar items.

Once you find the right parts, they are easily placed with ‘Automatic Mating’ due to the geometric data of the items position.

The visual overview guides you through all these steps and speeds up the design process because you are provided with a high level of information at once