Bluestar Product Compliance with SiliconExpert Integration

Bluestar PLM helps you ensure your products stay compliant with international substance compliance regulations based on the RoHS and REACH directives.  

Being embedded in an ERP/PLM environment, Bluestar PLM allows everyone in your organization to have access to all the material information required, for your products to stay compliant. This includes substance lists, chemical specifications and material declarations. 

Users are able to calculate compliance against imported and up-to-date data from SiliconExpert, while material reports can easily be shared with suppliers and stakeholders. This provides your compliance managers, with the information they need, to ensure your products consist of substances that are not hazardous and stay within compliant thresholds.   

Today's Challenge​

As a manufacture producing electronic components you are required to keep track of all the materials used in your products. This is a comprehensive but necessary task, as you are obliged to do so by international regulations.

Key challenges

When using electronic components in your products, you need to stay in compliance with international substance regulations. 

If you want your products to stay on market, you will need your product substance composures to stay within specified thresholds limits, and refrain from using hazardous materials, listed as ‘Substances of very high concern’ or ‘Restricted’. 

Meanwhile, regulations require you to share your compliance data with suppliers, customers and regulatory bodies. This is challenging however, as chemical reports and specifications are traditionally scattered across multiple solutions and databases. 

Without proper visibility in your compliance data, you will not be able to calculate and provide this information. Consequentially, you will face non-compliance, resulting in not only costly fines but lost market share and discreditation. 

Customer Benefits

Centralize compliance data in a single solution

Provide everyone in your organization easy access to compliance information, in a single solution with a centralized repository for data on product substances and the chemical specifications.

Ensure all your stakeholders stay compliant

Importing and exporting full material disclosures (FMD’s) allows you to share knowledge with everyone in your supply chain who depends on it to stay compliant.

Gain access to crucial chemical data from a third-party data provider

By easily importing reliant data from Silicon Expert, you will always have access to substance lists and chemical specifications for your products.

Enhance compliance through automization

Your products will automatically be synchronized with the chemical specifications they need to be calculated against.

Key Features

Where-used substance analysis

With single click of a button, You will be provided with an overview, showing all products that consist of a specific substance. 


Assign exemptions to product substances, that are fully traced through revisions, status and expiration date. This lets you take into account when exemptions are no longer valid for your products

Calculate substance compliance

Calculate substance compliance against threshold values defined in chemical specifications on any product, and all associated and approved manufacturers. Compliance is calculated on the level of homogenous material or on a part level. 

Mapping substance files to tables

Import and map substance tables or substances related to specifications, into Bluestar PLM from XML or XLSX files. 

Silicon Expert Integration*

Import chemical data from Silicon Expert based on a manufacturer name or ID. 

Export Material Declarations:

Create and export either an XML or XLSX (Excel 2007+) file with the entire product structure and all substances used for the making of the product. 

Phase out products – End-of-Life (EOL)

Define and manage the last stages of the electrical components life, and determine when to stop marketing, selling or rework for sustaining the product. 


*Bluestar Product Compliance is integrated with SiliconExpert.